What do Skrillex, Deadmau5, Zeds Dead, and Getter have in common?

Aside from the obvious fact that they are talented music producers who proactively challenge the status quo, these four (five if you count that Zeds Dead is a duo) are actually artists who have started their own record labels. Skrillex\’s OWSLA, Deadmau5\’s Mau5trap, Zeds Dead\’s Deadbeats, and now Getter\’s Shred Collective.


Shred Collective, similar to OWSLA, presents itself as more than a record label and more so a ground zero for creativity. And if you\’re thinking what I\’m thinking, you are probably recalling Getter\’s Trippy Burger clothing line and his brain mushing \’Head Splitter\’ music video, and slowly coming to the realization that Shred Collective isn\’t going to be your normal label.

That\’s exactly right.

The Shred Collective website displays an overflowing amount of vibrant color and trip art full of eye balls and brain that will not fail to seize your attention.

But that\’s not all.

Personifying Getter\’s \”Shred Til Ur Dead\” lifestyle, the Shred Collective is home to peculiar clothing designs, artwork, a platform for fans to stay connected, and of course, music.

And what better way to celebrate its inception than the first release being from its founder? That said, \’Inhalant Abuse\’ is probably the most fitting song to the opening of Shred Collective. You\’ll have to listen for yourself to confirm, but let\’s just say that it will remind you of everything Getter related as it takes you on a trip sequence of waves through gurgling synths and grimy beats.

The launch of Shred Collective is exciting news for the electronic dance music community, as it will open never before seen opportunities for like-minded fans and artists.

We look forward to following along the heights it will soar in the coming future.