Chill Harris

Colorado Producer/DJ Kill Paris has released his first material under his new name Chill Harris, and damn, is it beautiful. After the November terrorist attacks in Paris, the artist felt it necessary to rename himself in a more positive light; and his brand new remix for Griz\’s \”Stop Trippin\” perfectly embodies that new image.

According to Chill Harris\’s Facebook post, this track was inspired by \”inspired by cruise control drives through the Rocky Mountains\”, which fits the feel perfectly. This first Chill Harris release still has the recognizable Kill Paris sound – a relaxed tempo with spacey blissful vibes – so us long time fans have nothing to fear. Its comforting to know he\’ll be maintaining the direction we\’ve loved so far while continuing to develop as Chill Harris.

I was stoked to Chill this remix out for my funk brother GRiZ and inspired by cruise control drives through the Rocky Mountains. Sit back, light one up, and chill to this. Link to song in the comments.

Posted by Chill Harris on Tuesday, January 5, 2016