spring awakening music festival 2015

Spring Awakening Music Festival at Soldier Field is over two months away. The line up is out, but which days the artists are scheduled for has not been announced yet. However, according to my speculation, based on the touring schedules posted on their official websites and facebook pages, several artists already let it slip which days they will be performing.

While nearly every artist on the lineup listed Friday, June 12th on their touring schedule for Spring Awakening, there were several high profile exceptons. I speculate that the several artists who listed June 13th and June 14th will actually be performing on that day. So without further ado here are the reveals.

On Saturday, June 13th joining Hardwell and Diplo will be Chicago\’s very own Flosstradamus, Dada life, and Oliver Heldens. 

On Sunday, June 14th you should expect Tiesto and Afrojack to be joined by Borgore and Yellow Claw. 


For those wondering which day to expect Jack U\’s midwest debut, you might be asking the wrong questions. While Diplo only lists the already confirmed June 13th date on his touring calendar, both Skrillex and the Jack U\’s  touring schedule list all three dates. Are they trying to throw us off the trail, or could Spring Awakening be planning three sets of Jack U in three days? Only time will tell, however don\’t give your hopes up.



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