Spectoral graces listeners with musical bliss in his newest single, “Love Somebody Else.” The Melbourne native crafted his track around the idea of representing the natural world with synthetic sound design – something he truly captured in his three-minute musings.

Beautiful soundscapes and captivating vocals fill the spaces of “Love Somebody Else,” making this track a truly enthralling ride from beginning to end. While Spectoral coos words of learning to love someone else, you’ll quickly find yourself falling in love with his newest release.

“I was watching David Attenborough’s Planet Earth II one night and got super inspired by the scene with the male widow birds. They have these ridiculously long tails that makes it super hard to fly and survive, but they turn this burden into an advantage for attracting a mate. I really liked that.” – Spectoral

“Love Somebody Else” is the final single releasing ahead of Spectoral’s highly anticipated sophomore EP, An Incorruptible Dream, dropping this July. The EP comes two years after hisĀ Level HeadĀ EP, which saw release as a limited edition USB credit-card format digipack.

Check out “Love Somebody Else” below and make sure to keep your eye on Spectoral.