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Recently, the Internet blew up with the news that Simon Cowell’s 42-year-old girlfriend, Lauren Silverman, accused him of having an affair with America’s Got Talent co-judge, Mel B.

An insider then explained the situation for The Sun, and said: “Understandably, the fact she and Simon still aren’t married, despite having a son together, makes her a bit more insecure.”

According to The Sun, Simon’s close friend and ex-girlfriend Sinitta thinks that the AGT judge will never marry his current girlfriend, as she said the following: “You never know what is going on behind closed doors — so I won’t buy a hat for their wedding.”

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She also had a comment on the alleged Simon and Mel B affair, as she opened up: “There was no Mel B affair. I was around them when Mel was on the show, and she was otherwise happy and occupied.”

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“They are really good friends, and Lauren should not have been so worried and upset about it. She had nothing to be upset about,” she explained.

As Simon’s ex-girlfriend, Sinitta surely knows him well and thinks that if he wanted to marry Lauren, he would do it by now, since the pair is together since 2013, and they share a six-year-old son.

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