Tanzanite is a gemstone which is found only in Africa, Tanzania. Since Tanzanite is a blue to violet color stone, it goes very well with Sterling silver chains or items. In fact, in several cultures, silver is taken into account as a high-status image and is employed to celebrate milestones, achievements, ceremonies, etc.

Fine silver as a metal is terribly soft, ductile and malleable too. It conjointly takes a really high polish. Primarily once alloyed with alternative metals, a silver chain is tougher to be destroyed.

You would be shocked to understand that silver is really more reactive as a metal than gold and is additionally extraordinarily troublesome to mine from silver ores than alternative precious metals. It absolutely was not till the Egyptian civilisation days once the methodology of processing associate Silver strip-mined from associate ore was modified or rather improved upon And hence from that point Silver items of jewelry gained mass popularity.

Hence, carrying any gem-stone along with a silver chain automatically boosts your standing since silver is more rarer and harder to mine than gold.

The Difference Between The Types Of Silver?


You might find most stores having sterling silver necklaces and other items of jewelry.

You see, gemstones like Tanzanite, Sapphire, and Rubies need a strong base metal in order to support. This is because these other gemstones are heavy and hence need a supporting metal.

Hence fine silver is alloyed with copper to create sterling silver. This is the reason why Sterling silver is more desirable to have than regular fine silver. Since the mixing of alloy has made it much harder than the plain regular silver.

This will also prevent the Tanzanite or other gemstone’s silver chain from picking up rust, and the smudge (when occurred) can easily be cleaned if any occurs. The blending of alloy has created it abundantly tougher than the plain regular silver.

Tanzanite Jewelry


Tanzanite crystal jewelry or earrings with a silver metal chain is a superb and top-notch selection in nearly each circumstance.This is because the underlying Silver chain will not rust, neither will it perish. Hence you can safely pass along your Tanzanite necklace as a family heirloom for generations to come.

Also another excuse why most girls like Tanzanite crystal on a Sterling silver jewelry base is due to the very fact that metal is extremely sturdy compared with alternative metals and thanks to the addition of bound alloys it cannot be easily broken in situations which involve minor bumps, etc.

It is not that ladies don’t like carrying a Tanzanite item of jewelry with gold chains, others. But because it boils all the way down to personal selection. The cost, fashion, occasion, outfit selection and alternative factors drive the choice behind gold Tanzanite jewelry.

For example- some girls prefer to swank their wealth therefore they’ll perpetually value more high worth items of jewelry like gold or other noble metals. Whereas some girls have little to no choice since they have a cool color therefore they need to wear a gold item of knickknack. This is because no other alternative color of jewelry can suit their skin.

The softness of a Sterling Silver chain material makes it a bit demanding to maintain. For example- you should always clean up a Tanzanite necklace with a clean microfiber cloth with a higher thread count. Never use harsh cleaners like sodium bicarbonate or dentifrice as they will take away a number of the metal molecules over time.

What To Look For While Shopping For An Tanzanite Jewelry


When buying Tanzanite jewelry you ought to perpetually be clear on what precisely the chain material is created from. Click here to get high-quality jewelry for your wardrobe. In case the seller you are buying from is negligent to inform you about the same then refrain from buying. This is because a Tanzanite gemstone needs to be supported by a strong and sturdy chain material and failure to do so would mean that your stone could fall off your necklace very easily.

Also while shopping for a Tanzanite item of jewelry you might find jewelry items with names like nickel or German silver and oftentimes they are cheaper than Sterling siver too. But be aware since these metals do not contain any rather zinc and nickel is what the German silver is made of.

For example, suppose an item of jewelry is made of gold, but it’s inexpensive, then in all certainty, it is not gold. This is because Gold is an extremely expensive metal, and if someone is willing to give it to you for cheap, then something is not right.

If you have a particularly sensitive skin then wearing a brass or nickel item of jewelry may not make much sense to you. This is because Doctors say that the chemical composition inside brass, nickel or other similar metals react with people’s skin differently and hence sometimes the resultant chemically produced reaction may cause rashes, irritation in our skin.

But not all people are affected by it hence you should get your skin checked out by a dermatologist if you have allergic reactions to these metals.



So this is why you should always choose to buy a Tanzanite or any other rare gemstone item of jewelry or if your budget is a bit higher than Gold. Do not buy any other chain material since it may be too weak for a Tanzanite.

Also, if you look closely, then you will find that Tanzanite by itself is a bit inclined on the heavy color side (blue or violet) hence white gold is also not very suitable since it does not sparkle as much as a Sterling silver.