Are you a true car lover? How about Jeep enthusiasts in particular? If you are an off-road specialist you might agree and fancy the Rubicon model the best. On the other hand, you might be interested in getting a jeep in the nearby future, hence why you’d want to learn more about it. This article will discuss the various trim levels of a Jeep and the difference between Wrangler and Rubicon, while also listing out its impressive features. Keep on reading and find out all there’s to it down below.

So what is the difference between Rubicon and Wrangler? What is its history?

If you get a Rubicon you should know that it is one of several Wrangler’s trim levels which has been around since 2003.


How did the name Rubicon come about?

Well, did you know that this is a small river? During Roman times this used to be a border for Italy and Cisalpine Gaul, all of which were ruled by Julius Caesar. Anyone who tried to cross Rubicon was declaring war, hence how the expression “Crossing the Rubicon” had come to life. By being sent out on dangerous and impossible missions for most other vehicles, this Jeep got a story for itself!

Not only that, but this vehicle also has found a root of its name in the U.S. There was a rode built in the 1800, used to connect the towns of Georgetown and Lake Tahoe while connecting two hotels, Wentworth Springs and Rubicon Springs.

Both locations eventually closed, and the road was abandoned. One hundred years later, people tried to get back to it, and over 50 jeeps tried to pull off the off-road mission. Not a lot of them made it across the Rubicon trail, hence how the name has also come about.

What is Jeep Wrangler Rubicon?

The initial model and the one that came out first was the Wrangler Unlimited, but this vehicle has stood out much more, making it a hard-core off-road choice. The main difference can be found in its larger rims, tires, diamond plates, and stuff like that, all of which are used to make the jeep feel heavy and stay prepared for any big or small challenges that are ahead. Due to its massive and sturdy build, it became easy to use for any challenge.

Most car experts think and agree that the most significant difference between a Wrangler and a Rubicon lies in Rubicon’s locking front and rear differentials. For anyone trying to go for a new and improved version, this is it!


Why go for the Rubicon jeep model?

This jeep was introduced in 2003 as we said before, which makes it almost twenty years old, yet an impeccable solution that any driver can go for.

The Jeep Wrangler Rubicon is built for the people prepared to explore the Jeep’s potential to go anywhere, mostly being seen as a mountain vehicle and the perfect spacious jeep for your adventures.

If you wish to enjoy its full potential and go for the upgraded version it’s your lucky day because there is also the 2020 Rubicon model, making it an improved and modern version. It starts around $38k, while the base model starts around $28k. What is within your budget, and what to aim for? This is up to you.

What do you get with the Rubicon?

Did you know that it is built with more robust materials to give it more strength and power than other jeeps, and its previous version? The main likable and loveable feature is its off-roading tires that you can multi-task with, leaving them appropriate for any type of terrain, since this jeep can handle them.

It is also the only trim model with the Rock-Trac system 4×4 driving mode, making it perfect for rock climbing and crawling. If you find yourself in a ”rocky” situation, you will get over it.


What are some other features that will interest you?

  1. SunRider hardtop – this is an adjustable option that you can go for and let it fold whenever you need some sun. You will be surprised by its sturdy and durable materials. Also, it can be open and will let occupants enjoy the fresh air. A group of friends or hikers will use all of its features wisely, yet with a smile on their faces.
  2. Full adjustable hardtop – if you’re someone who demands and prefers options and variety you should know that this item can be used in numerous ways for the open air and sunlight to reach the whole cabin. Hardtops are clearly the more durable option. They’re solid and can withstand significant damage that would normally tear through a soft top.
  3. Half door freedom – how much of an outdoor person are you? With these doors, you will become a nature lover and you will enjoy the half-door freedom! The half doors offer great open-air space and increased visibility for your off-road adventure, along with a ton of opportunities to take pics.
  4. The capacity – the best and most praised feature has got to be this one of the Rubicon. The Jeep’s engine can pull any additional cargo weight with its legendary powertrain. It can pull a maximum of 2,000 pounds, while the four-door has a maximum towing capacity of 3,500 pounds. If someone requires towing, they will be saved!

Do you want to know more about it?

If you are a car or jeep lover you may want to know more about the Rubicon, right? Well, if you need a detailed and in-depth article about it make sure to visit here and find all there’s to it. Every person will enjoy the article, along with the fact that all of its pros are listed, and some of your most-asked questions have been answered. If you want the best Jeep for off-roading, without compromising on quality and performance, the Wrangler Rubicon is the one to pick for yourself today! Learn more about it and start driving, you won’t regret it!