There’s plenty to learn about diamonds if that’s what you’re interested in. These precious stones have been around for a while. Everyone knows that they have immense value. That much is clear. But, there’s plenty more to learn when you start digging deeper. After all, they haven’t climbed the mountain of precious metals just like that. Gold and silver are fine, but we all know that the diamond is the difference-maker. It’s hard to get them; they’re expensive, and every lady needs to have at last one.

If you want to impress your prettier half with one of these stones, that’s fine. No one can object to that idea. But, you could also try and impress her with the knowledge about the too. There’s no shame in being a walking diamond encyclopedia. Knowledge is sometimes more impressive than any jewel. Of course, nothing can compare to a true gem, or can it? The diamond market is vast, and supply sometimes can’t cover the demand. Also, some people just can’t afford the real thing.

No, we probably have your attention. Yes, there are alternatives. Moissanite is one of the options you have at your disposal. It’s worth checking out, the same way our article titled six things to know about diamonds and their alternative is. As you’ll see this is a broad subject, and you’ll have fun learning about both of them. After all, excessive knowledge on any subject is valuable. And when it comes to jewelry, ladies are not easy to impress. No, what you need to be focused on are the facts and stories we have below. Let’s start.

1. Diamonds Come From All Over The World


Have you ever really thought about where do all those diamonds come from? The answer is nature. They’re formed under the earth’s skin under very high temperatures. Volcanic reactions bring the forth to the surface where we can mine them. While nature is a great answer, we’re sure you want us to be more specific. The biggest diamonds mines can be found in South Africa, Russia, and Canada. Due to popular movies such as Blood Diamond starring Leonardo Di Caprio, most people believe they can only be found in Africa. As you can see, this is not quite true.

2. They’re Old

This is something you probably haven’t thought about too much. Don’t sweat it. But, let us tell you how old they are. We’re talking about billions of years. Our planet is almost five billion years old. That’s what scientists tell us. Soon afterlife on this planet started living, diamonds came to fruition. It is estimated that some of the oldest pieces are close to three and a half billion years old. While SA, Canada, and Russia are best known for their diamonds right now the first pieces didn’t originate from there. No, the first recorded diamonds came from Brazil and India. Tell us what you want, but don’t tell us this is not fun. Let’s get to the next thing regarding diamonds you didn’t know.

3. Diamonds Are Hard


This is their main trait. Yes, they’re pretty, little shiny things.But, their hardness is what sets them apart from any other stone or metal like silver. If you are interested to buy silver in Singapore you have a few good options.

You can’t put a scratch on a diamond. The only thing that can do this is another diamond. Impressed? We bet you are. This brings us to the diamond alternatives. There are many of them out in the world, but rare are those that come close to diamonds. The primary reason why diamonds alternatives don’t take over the main start of the show is that they’re nowhere close to being as hard. The best alternative you can find is the one we listed above. It’s Moissanite. If you’re seeking an alternative to diamonds this is the one! Its hardness stands at 9.25 which is rather impressive. Also, in their natural state, they’re quite rare, as they only exist as a part of meteorites. The first one was found by Henri Moissan in 1893 in a meteor crater. Today, they’re made in a lab, so their price is not out of this world as they originally were.

4. Carbon Matters

Here’s a little chemistry lesson. If you didn’t know diamonds are carbon made. Thanks to the massive temperatures beneath the surface of the Earth where they’re made, carbon is processed, and after an eruption brought to the surface in its crystal structure. While most people believe that they only come in no color, or are colorless, that’s not true. Diamonds can be in many colors, including yellow, pink, or even black among many other variations. Just like their alternative from above they can also be found in space. Scientists did a great job and discovered an amazing planet. There’s a place in our solar system made entirely from carbon. It is now deemed as being one-third pure diamond. The space is an amazing place, and if we ever conquer it, we’re going to live in the abundance of diamonds. Furthermore, there’s a star made out of diamonds in our Milky Way system, which makes things even more peculiar.

5. The Divine Presence


There’s something divine in diamonds. We can’t deny the fact that they’re special in every imaginable way. While now we know plenty about them, and understand their origin, back in the day things were different. Ancient Roman and Greeks believed in something else. There was n scientific explanation for diamonds, so they believed that they were tears of Gods. The Romans took things even a bit further, as they allegedly trusted that Cupid’s arrows were made out of diamonds. This is where we probably get the association between love, women, and diamonds.

6. It’s Still a Rarity

While you might get the impression that these gems are all over the place that’s not true. Diamonds are very rare. The production in various places all over the world is ongoing, and the mining never stops. But, only one-third of all mined diamonds are high-quality gems. The rest finds their path to the market, but they’re not highly regarded by the traders. If you didn’t know the world’s biggest diamonds market is the United States of America. It makes sense.