With releases dating all the way back to 2013, Prismatic has been not just a fan but a producer of bass and electronic broadly for most of the past decade, his large swath of life experience, years of skill crafting in the studio, and a dedication to the alias Prismatic clearly portrays a well-equipped, sufficient artist ready for the next chapter ahead.

Prismatic’s maturity and wisdom comes full circle on Farsight EP, a three-work collective that musters up some serious bass action. “Farsight” delivers a strong bass single in a classic dubstep frame. Following this, “Ithara,” keeps the flow dynamic with it’s eastern influence and unique atmosphere’s built in. “ Closing, “Vortex,” take parts from the percussion of the former and molds it within the ladder. The result is a club-ready, bass-heavy experience that’s cool grit leaves a good-feeling sting.