The 8-bit rogues of the bass universe, Pixel Terror, are at it again, this time bringing fans a euphoric rhapsody that features glitchy bass sounds, emotional phrasing, and a moving melody all wrapped up with a video game vibe.

The track, titled “Machina” and featuring futuristic anime and video game-themed cover artwork, was released on Monstercat Records today, October 15th, 2018. It is Pixel Terror’s second official release on Monstercat.

Pixel Terror consists of innovative music producers Bentley Montes and Ahrya Far. The duo has gained a widespread fan base of bass music and gaming enthusiasts across the United States over the years and has now landed two official releases on Monstercat Records.

The two first connected as individual artists through Soundcloud in 2015 and immediately went to work on their group project with a major goal in mind–to sign a song to Monstercat. Three years later, after countless hours of studio time and dedication to their goal and dozens of submissions, their song “Contra” was accepted by Monstercat and included in the popular video game “Rocket League” alongside songs by legends such as Infected Mushroom, Gammer, Darren Styles, and many others.

Pixel Terror has experienced a meteoric rise in 2018, and with their music being released on Monstercat and being included in video game soundtracks, as well as Insomniac attempting to bridge the gap between gaming and Electronic Dance Music, fans can only expect them to rise even higher in 2019.

Give “Machina” a listen now and let us know what you think in the comments below!