Jinjun and PhilZen, better known as Phenatiks, continue to explore the dark side of bass house music. On their new single “Drop It” showcases Phenatiks signature twist and edge, proving there is no lack of creativity with this group. When Jinjun and PhilZen joined forces there were many potential directions Phenatiks could have gone. This monstrous single is only the start to a successful 2018 as Phenatiks also has an EP on the way. Now, we finally see they found their niche and their direction is very promising.

Read what Jinjun and PhilZen have to say about “Drop It” and listen to the track below:

“We focused on really keeping the vibe dark with this track. We actually finished it within a couple days, but the vocal part in it took us months to come up with (haha). The voice is actually Jinjun’s that we recorded and processed. We are very happy with how it turned out!”PhilZen

“The ambiance and bass hits brings you to a warehouse where the track hits you in the chest.”Jinjun