oliver heldens

Spinnin\’ Records sensation Oliver Heldens has been leading the rise of Deep House revolution by producing smashing hits such as \”Gecko\”, \”Koala\”, and \”Melody,\” to name a few. Having an amazing talent to create music is not the only thing that makes him stand out amongst the DJ competition. What makes him like able is his close connection with his fans. He constantly posts updates of what he is doing on Facebook, and also would post comments to connect with the fans.

Furthermore, he recently posted a video to help advertise his newest release on Spinnin\’ Records. What better way to promote this by having your fans apart of it! He had a contest for people who liked the song to make a video dancing to it. The best videos would be edited to make a fan music video for \”Bunnydance\”. This compilation video truly shows the awesome feedback Oliver has been getting on the track as well as the amount of people interested in the deep house genre. If you have not watched it, the video is below. Enjoy!