It is clearly known that Porter Robinson has set the bar when it comes to producing music in this electronic era of the music industry. His album Worlds¬†was spectacular with every song enjoyable to listen to. It almost seems intimidating to remix his work since Porter\’s original stuff is unparalleled in comparison. It is hard to match as far as quality goes. In this case, I applaud to Nitro Fun for taking the courage to take a risk and show what he is made of in his newest remix of \”Flicker\”.

He takes the previous electronica original and manipulates into a crazy future bass track that is worth a listen. If you listen to Nitro\’s previous work, you clearly recognize his distinct sound of synths that brings a gamer vibe (if the artwork of two people holding controllers isn\’t enough). Nitro, real name is Gustavo Rangel, and Porter\’s sound can be similar in some aspects, but still take different directions with their music. Although the song you can hear below is only a preview, He mentions that it will be a free download on SoundCloud soon.