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Believe it or not, the First Lady of America recently turned 50. Many envy her youthful looks and wonder what she uses or which treatments help her achieve perfect skin.

Before she married Donald Trump, she was a model, and still looks like she could hit the runway.

Although Melania does not reveal a lot about her private life, she decided to share some secrets of her success in achieving a youthful look.

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“I didn’t do anything on my face,” she said, referring to plastic surgery and fillers.

The modern world makes it hard to believe that someone who has such a dominant and wealthy spouse did not choose to have some procedures done on her face and body.

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She eats at least seven fruits a day, and she revealed for GQ magazine that she is starting her day with a smoothie or porridge. In an interview with Allure, almost a decade ago, Melania pointed out that she never wants to use botox and that she has a personal beauty salon at home, where she is enjoying massages and pedicures.

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“I live healthily, I look after my skin and body. I am against Botox and against injection. I think they damage the face and nerves,” she claims.

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“What is the purpose of Botox and lip augmentation? If that makes you happy, fine. But that’s not for me,” added.

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