Face masks have been in existence since time immemorial. Besides protecting us from contracting viruses, they have effectively prevented other particles such as dust from passing through our mouths and noses.

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, wearing mask is highly encouraged. They play a significant role in barring the virus from penetrating in or out of the nose and mouth. Masks are meant to protect you and the people around you. Click here to buy mask online.

For example, if someone has the virus, the particles are likely to be confined inside them with minimal chances of escaping through the mask. If you wear one properly, you can escape from contact with the virus particles that get their way into your space.

Covering your face also ensures that the infection has minimal effects on you if the virus slips through to you. The reported COVID-19 cases were higher before masks were mandated. Afterward, the reports have been kept in check, and the infection rates are not as high as they were at that time.

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Different types of masks have found their way into the market since the early cases of COVID-19 infections were reported. The main question is, how effective are they in the prevention of this virus?

Many people have no idea what a medically recommended mask should look like. Besides, some masks are better at protecting you from the virus than others. The material used to manufacture mask is the number one factor of consideration when looking for suitable mask that are also medically certified.

  • Is the size of the mask’s pores big enough to breathe in and out?
  • Can they prevent the virus from reaching you while supplying you with enough air at the same time?

These are among the questions that you should bear in mind while comparing the masks to wear as protection against the virus.

When testing for the most effective ones, experts gauge them by their ability to block droplets and particles from passing in and out of them. Different people are dressed in different masks then asked to carry out activities such as breathing, speaking, laughing, and others. The droplets released by each individual are checked and counted under special medical equipment and cameras.

Comparison between Different Types of Masks

Surgical Mask

Source: The Conversation

These masks are among the high-ranking masks in terms of recommendations from health experts. They are made using high-quality fiber material. They are stable and have a high filtration power. They are made of two layers that minimize the possibilities of virus penetration.

They are used in operating rooms where infection risks are high. An excellent surgical mask covers you fully without leaving any spaces on the sides of your mouth.

The elastic loops are stretchy enough to accommodate any distance between their attachment points to the mask and your ears.

They are disposable and shouldn’t be used more than two times. This makes them uneconomical as you have to have one each time. They should be worn until they are damp, and then switched with a clean and dry one.

KN95 Mask

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This is a brand of high-quality mask that has been found to prevent about 95% of micro-particles. These particles include dust, water droplets, the coronavirus, among others.

They have elastic loops that stretch towards the ears where they are hooked. They are made in the shape of small cups. They cover your nose and mouth, leaving enough room to circulate your breath in and out of them.

KN95 is created using similar features to those of medically certified surgical masks. They are, therefore, fit for use in the theatre and other hospital settings. They are multiple-layered. The material used to make the mask is synthetic and heat resistant.

They are available for sale in many outlets due to their popular protection qualities.

Cloth Mask

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These are the easiest DIY masks that one can access. If suitable material is used, it can be an effective and economical way of preventing viruses.

With cloth mask, it is easy to keep up with your fashion tastes while escaping the COVID-19 infections simultaneously. You have the power to decide which color you want for your mask, unlike the factory-made masks where such choices are limited.

In terms of particle filtration, these masks have been deemed unreliable, especially if it is made of only one layer. A single layer of cotton cloth filters about 1% of the particles in the atmosphere. This gives way to the other 99% to navigate through your mouth and nose into your body.

Two layers of cloth have a 35% filtration power. When one is close enough to the virus droplets, this protection power is not effective enough. Too many layers of clothes in a mask may filter out the droplets better, but they can cause suffocation because air circulation through the mask is also blocked.

If manufactured with the correct instructions and guidelines in mind, a cloth mask with a few layers is good to go by, but sometimes it’s not compelling enough.

Equally strong measures help control persistent viruses.  The KN95 masks for sale are readily available at your disposal.

Source: UCSF

Some masks are better at offering you protection from viruses than others. KN95 is one of the best masks on the market. As discussed earlier, they are capable of 95% filtration of particles and droplets, making them safe to wear.

The layers in them are made of fiber material that regulates the heat to prevent you from sweating around the covered area. The airspaces are big enough to bring in enough air and allow it to escape once you breathe out.

The KN95 masks come in dozens to allow you the option of wearing a new one every time you dispose of the old damp one. Their qualities make them stand out as the best mask against the coronavirus and other toxic particles.