Penis extension and sleeve are mainly known as sex products that are going to use to increase the length and girth of the penis. However, such a product is also useful for people who experience premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. A penis sleeve is a type of sex toy which a person uses on his penis to feel new experience while having sex.

A penis sleeve is also known by different names such as – cock sleeve, penis extension, penis sheath, penis enhancer, external penile prosthetic. The penis sleeve is used to increase the size of the penis.

Below are the top 5 penis extension and sleeve:

1. Reusable penis sleeve extension with cock ring

Naughty Nights is the only company that provides the most realistic sleeve in the whole market. It uses to increase the stamina of the user and also increase girth which gives a special feel in having sex with your partner.

The role of the ring of cock also plays with increased length because of the second hole. The second hole is used to tighten your tactical which results in delayed ejection and helps in increasing the chances of satisfying your partner.

There are some different ways to use this product are:

  • Apply Lubricant on Penis and Inward Dividers of sleeves.
  • Overlap it and Wear on Penis.
  • Presently Apply Ointment on External dividers of Sleeve.
  • Your Penis Is prepared to Perform.
  • Wear it when your Penis is Half Raised.
  • Wash it with Basic Faucet Water. Stand by until It Gets Dry, Presently You can store it.

2. Dragon condom


The Dragon condom is mainly available in a size of 5.5 inches.  5.5 Inches Dragon Sleeve with Ring is made of 100% skin-accommodating silicone. It accompanies the silicone ring which folds over your balls to give the sleeve additional solace and furthermore expands sex time. This sleeve is shaped with sporadic spot designs which will take your young lady to an alternate degree of energy.

There is a way of using this product:

5.5 Inches Precious Stone Dragon Condom Sleeve with Ring is incredibly easy to utilize. Unload the item cautiously. Wear it on your erect penis and use it while having intercourse. Note: It is more enjoyable to utilize this item with grease.

For this item, utilize just water-based lubes which you can likewise purchase from our site. Cleaning guidelines: The sleeve can be cleaned with faucet water. You can likewise utilize a sex toy cleaner to guarantee the best cleanliness principles.

3. Vibrating penis extension with cock ring


6.5 Inch Vibrating Dull Earthy Colored Chocolate Sleeve is a lifeline for each one of those men who are attempting to fulfill their young lady on the bed. This sleeve offers a 1-inch-long expansion on the highest point of the sleeve and furthermore builds the bigness of your penis.

It likewise has the ring to fold over your balls so it fits well and doesn’t make any inconvenience while having your adoration minutes. Dull Earthy Colored Chocolate Sleeve accompanies a vibrating shot that introduces on the highest point of the sleeve to add some additional fun and joy for both you and your accomplice. This otherworldly sleeve will likewise improve your sleep time and help you in a more extended and more grounded erection.

Steps for using the product:

  • To utilize 6.5 Inch Vibrating Dim Earthy Colored Chocolate Sleeve.
  • In the first place, unload it and clean it with water.
  • At that point introduce the vibrating projectile into the sleeve.
  • Wear the sleeve on your erect penis while the ring is folding over your balls.
  • Turn on the vibration and use it.
  • Cleaning Guidelines: Make a point to eliminate the shot before cleaning the sleeve with water or any sex toy cleaner.

4. Reusable condom


The reusable condoms are comfortable for penis as it easily fits over your balls and penis which helps in while having sex. The reusable condom is ultra-stretchable which easily fits on the penis. The main function of a reusable condom is to control the flow of blood from your penis and also able to increase sex time which can satisfy your partner.

5. Penis Sleeve Extender

If the user has 6-inch of the penis after erection, then this penis sleeve extender is the best fit for your penis which will extend the size of the penis by 2 inches. So your partner can enjoy the fun of 8 inches’ penis into her vagina which satisfies your partner by providing a real feeling of sex to your partner.

How to use:

  • You have to apply lubricant which is water-based on the penis.
  • You have to wear a sleeve of penis on your cock.
  • The lubricant has to apply on the sleeve or partner’s main part of smoothness.
  • Enjoy sex with your partner.