Starting a new business in an already competitive market is no easy task. First you have to make sure that you are offering something new that not everyone else has, and then you must advertise it the right way in order to draw in more customers. This is also something that many existing businesses have to do especially if they have noticed the revenue going down and less people coming through the doors. Arguably the hardest and most challenging business to run nowadays the food and beverage industry, or more precisely, running a restaurant. The only statistic you should know to understand here is that around 10% of restaurants make it through the first year of operation.

If your current aim is to create a proper marketing presentation for your new or existing restaurant, you know exactly how hard it can be. What do you even do, and once you have an idea, how do you implement it in the first place? You are not alone in this struggle as most modern restaurants particularly those concept ones have already done it and they now enjoy the benefits. We wanted to help do the right thing and get more customers your way by introducing the most effective tips for creating such a marketing presentation. To find out more, make sure to check out

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1. Takeout Menus in Mail

The most important customers for your restaurant have to be the local people. They are the ones who will be passing by it each and every day and looking at its doors and the front window with curiosity. To prevent them from having to wonder what you are offering and saying to themselves something along the lines of, “next time we might go in for a bite,” have your takeout menu delivered to every local home. When the people see what you are about and how much you care for them since you mailed them your offer, they are far more likely to stop by.

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2. Social Media and Influencers

Utilizing modern trends is always among the best ways to present your business to the masses far and wide. Social media marketing is a booming industry and all the big platforms have their way of doing it. Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and TikTok lead the way right now so make sure to not only have accounts on all of them, but to advertise posts and use the custom branded filters to your advantage. To maximize the effect these platforms offer, get in touch with some local influencers and collaborate with them. They will promote your restaurant and in return you will have to do something for them. Each of them have different demands, but most will promote your food in detail if the food they are trying is free of charge. Make sure the presentation of your food is photography-friendly since people nowadays love seeing pictures of amazing and mouthwatering food. If your recipes are Instagrammable, you will surely have more success.

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3. Your Own Website

It goes without saying that anyone who wants their business to succeed needs a modern website where the customers can learn what you are about. For a restaurant this is even more important. The more unique and special your site is the more people will enjoy it and opt to come see the actual place. Include the menu and describe it in detail. Post photos of the prepared dishes right next to the descriptions. Have wine and beverage recommendations that pair up well with the food. Devote a whole section to the gallery where you will show the people your restaurant. Describe who and what you are in the “about us” section and make it clear what your goals are. And finally, it is smart to have the pictures and resumes of your employees on there so that people can know who serves them.

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4. Online Publications and SEO Marketing

To maximize your internet presence, a bunch of social media and a dedicated web site are not enough despite how much they will help you. To do the absolute maximum you will also need to think about online publications about your restaurant and food and the all-important search engine optimization. A good way of getting your restaurant in the public eye more is by having magazines and blogs write about you. Find one that deals with the subjects that closely resemble your goals and have them write about you. They will have all the contact info and links in the article, and with a topic like “Check the hottest new restaurant in town” or “Why you should eat healthy and where to start” a whole lot of people will learn about you and decide to try out your specialties.


5. Have Your Own Theme

A lot of restaurants out there struggle with their identity and vision so the customers do not really know what to expect. The menus of such dining locations are overwhelming with too many options that are seemingly too similar or foods from way too many cuisines. It is not always that ideal to have a lot of choices especially for the first time customers. If you manage to pick your vision and stick to it, you will become well-known for who you are and your restaurant will be out there on the map for that special thing nobody else has. Let the people know what you are about. Is if healthy lifestyle? Is it Italian or Mediterranean cuisine? Is it Oriental? Is it perhaps something brand new that combines a few of the above? Whatever it is, the people have to know about and be able to understand it easily.

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6. Use Proper Ingredients

Modern restaurant goers are educated and knowledgeable enough when it comes to the ingredients and the freshness of the food and they are pickier than before. This is not necessarily a bad thing since nobody like to be served stale and recently unfrozen food. If the word of mouth spreads that you are using nothing but the best, the slightly above average price tag of the food on your menus will not be a problem because people are more willing nowadays to pay for it if they know it is legit. Make sure to establish a reputation for yourself from the start and use nothing but the freshest, top-quality ingredients in all your food.