Chicago native Kris \”Rain Man\” Trindl released new single \”Habit\” with vocals by Krysta Youngs. Signed to Dim Mak label following his departure from Krewella, Rain Man\’s new single follows \”Bring Back the Summer.\”

Mixing chillwave, electro and house music, Rain Man succeeds in creating an emotional track enhanced by the pleading in Krysta Youngs\’ vocals. \”Habit\” uses the best of Nero and Odesza without pandering to the radio like the Chainsmokers.

With subversive lyrics, \”Habit\” portrays a woman asking a man to love her, and just like Xanax, she will calm his nervous heart. Aching and poetic, the song almost hints at dubstep, perhaps an in-joke from Rain Man considering his origin.

Formerly a member of Krewella, Rain Man is setting out to establish himself as an artist following the acrimonious split with the group. It appears his recent venture includes an image overall, eschewing the bro look for long hair and dark colors.

Listen to \”Habit\” now and let us know how you like it: