In an apparent accidental and straight traitorous move made by someone close to Bassnectar yesterday, it seems Lorin Ashton\’s 12th studio album (which he confirmed just yesterday) has been leaked via a private playlist that went public. The track list, along with full album art work, was somehow posted onto Bassnectar\’s official Soundcloud … and then was almost immediately taken down. But not before fans were able to copy and download the files, which have been circulating the darkest portions of the internet throughout the day.

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It\’s unclear whether the leak was actually intentional. After all, it seems leaked content is the way of LP-releases these days. Either way, Lorin\’s fan community has been up in arms over it (go figure). On one side, the die hards who are lambasting those who \”should wait two days\” to \”hear it in full quality\” or \”respect the art.\” On the opposite end, the other die hards who have listened and condemn Ashton for not \”taking risks\” and not going \”as hard and heavy as he used to.\” And then there is everyone in between.

Lorin had this to say to a fan today:

Out of respect for the artist and copyright infringement, we cannot release the leak via EDM Chicago. But we can say that if you searched hard enough, you\’ll most certainly find it.

The message is very simple: How bad do you know you love it?