Krewella somewhere to run

I am not KREW. I don\’t listen to Krewella very much. My favorite Krewella songs are remixes by the Pegboard Nerds. However I\’m not a Krewella hater either. This is why the out cry against the group as they pursue  a new musical direction after a highly publicized split with founding member Rain Man really bothers me. Especially efforts by some to petition the organizers of Sumer Camp Music Festival to take the group (I guess duo) off of the line up.  Here are 3 reasons why Krewella should be allowed to play at Summer Camp that have absolutely nothing to do with my opinion of their music.


1. It\’s a festival!!!! There will be other shows.

If you hate Krewella, the Krew life and their candy clad EDM fans and hope to avoid them at a festival, then wouldn\’t you be glad that they are all at one show at the same time? I\’m completely against  stereotyping the fans of any artist and genre, however if you are going to make those types of assumptions, than wouldn\’t you be glad that all those fans are at Krewella\’s stage so you can enjoy your third Umphrey\’s concert of the weekend in peace?

2. This is not your festival.

This is probably the most annoying aspect of this situation to me is that the people who signed this petition are causing nothing but embarrassment for themselves, the festival and Krewella. Summer Camp is a privately owned festival. If you don\’t want to go because you feel one act will ruin the entire weekend, than don\’t go; nobody is forcing you to. However, don\’t try to bully the organizers of the festival into caving into your demands with a petition. They\’re the ones working day in and day out to make Summer Camp happen. If they want Krewella and Krewella fans at their festival, that\’s their decision. Respect that decision, and respect your fellow festival goers that are interested in seeing Krewella. If anybody should be petitioned to be banned from Summercamp, it should be everyone that wants Krewella banned. However, I would never suggest banning anybody from a music festival, because that\’s a dick move.


3. Groups change lineups all the time!

Lastly, while the Yousaf sisters split with Rain Man was less than amicable, it\’s not the first time a group has cut ties with a founding member. The Glitch Mob lost founding member ooah when he went to pursue a new project PANTyRAiD. Eric Prydz was in Swedish House Mafia and left for  lucrative solo career. Pendulum still tours and plays shows even though two founding members left the group to cecome Knife Party. Nobody asked Steve Angello, Sebastian Ingrosso or Axwell why they continued making music under the Swedish House Mafia name without Prydz, and the Yousaf sisters shouldn\’t have to answer those questions either.


Bonus Reason.  They\’re from Chicago.

If you\’re reading this post on EDM Chicago, chances are you are a Chicagoan as well. Stand by your city and your neighbors. Whether you enjoy their music or not, you should still root for Krewella to be succesful. Chicagoans stand by eachother.


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