Nit Grit is the bass lord out of San Jose, California and he has graced us with an hour of \”The Essential Mix\”. The mix perfectly explains the bass icon as an artist, with melodic builds and heavy bass lines, Nit Grit aims to please. The hour long bass journey is almost entirely composed of original tracks except for two songs from NastyNasty, who collaborated with Nit Grit in the past on \”Say My Name\”. The mix really shows how Nit Grit has mastered the art of dubstep.

Besides the guest appearance from NastyNasty, the mix comes from Nit Grit\’s personal selections from his treasure chest of bangers along with songs he made with his partner in bass, Stephan Jacobs, under the alias of Pizza Party. The 60 minute bass trip also shows how musically diverse Nit Grit is, with dubstep remixes of classic songs from Marvin Gaye and Jimmy Ruffin. Overall, Nit Grit\’s new mix takes your mind on an ethereal trip and at times it almost seems as if the wubs are speaking to you, go hear Nit Grit\’s message.