Krewella came out with a video of Facebook announcing their new EP, \”Ammunition\”. Their video gets a  emotional, deep and  heartfelt.


In the video Yasmine Yousef,one of the Yousef sisters in Krewella, goes into detail with her journey in Krewella. She claims that she is more jaded and less confident than she was when she started, but with this EP she tries to regain her confidence back. Many fans responded with positivity and with emotion:

Yazzy, this video is so deep. While watching this video, you made me feel really emotional. From the start till now where we are, you and Jahan still inspire me

This is so deep and sad Yasmine, I cried through the entire thing frown emoticon it\’s so deep in so sorry for everything you\’ve had to go through in 2014 and 2015 the anxiety and excitement and all the emotions