If you\’ve ever used the social networking application Tinder, you may understand how amusing it is to see others and give them a thumbs up or down based on first impressions. Well, a new Sydney-based startup is aiming to do the same thing, but for parties and events, and this can be particularly large for exclusive and non-exclusive EDM afterparties. The application, entitled KickOn, is an event discovery application which allows people to be invited to a specific event or request to be added to an event\’s guest list, and the attendee\’s fate is in the hands of the event host – who can swipe left or right to add you to the event, sound familiar?

KickOn\’s intentions are great, and the fact that they added a feature in which many event attendees will likely know how to use, is great, but can this application take off in the United States and become widely scalable? Let us know if this is something you could see yourself using in the comment section – and feel free to download the app for free here for iOS only. Also, check out a bit more on how to use KickOn below.