The EDM community is in a constant state of negative attention and criticism. The media portrays DJs and fans alike as drug-influenced, careless partiers with no true musical spirit or value. It seems like every day another new story surfaces of a mass hospitalization at a Skrillex show or a clip of a fraudulent DJ doing nothing behind the decks but pressing play. These are the kinds of stories that only cover a fraction of what the community is really about. They all center on “what happened at the show,” and nothing else. Fans like us can back peddle all we want, explaining the magic of the music, what it’s given us, and what goes on underneath the headlines, but until we can unite and channel our Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect outward into other communities we’ll keep having to make excuses for our passion.

One of the leaders of this mentality has started a movement in time for the holiday season. Ben Dulin is the founder of the charity PLUR: 100, a non-profit group dedicated to giving to the homeless during the winter season. Last year, Ben and his team were able to give 100 gifts to 100 people without a home in Indianapolis, and inspire Ninette Rodriguez all the way in Houston to start her own PLUR: 100 movement. This year, the two have joined forces to get their respective cities involved, as well as reach out to anyone else who may be able to do the same.

Last year Adventure Club showed their support by allowing him to use their music for his informational video describing what the charity is all about and how people can contribute. This year, Ben has reached out to many more artists, hoping to include them as pioneers of this movement. He has provided an ample opportunity for members of the EDM community, large or small, to become a part of a great cause. With enough support and contributions, Ben hopes to expand the cause into something much bigger.

Within a week of Christmas, volunteers young and old will gather in the host cities for an epic wrap party, where they will wrap all of the donations, appear on camera, and help spread the word about PLUR: 100. The gifts will then be handed out along with food and drinks.

Sounds like an incredible mission. So, how can we help? PLUR: 100 is accepting donations of all kinds. The most impactful would be in the form of new or gently used clothes for people living in wet or freezing conditions: scarves, boots, hats, jackets, socks, hats, as well as wrapping paper and non-perishable food items. Secondly, volunteer support is needed to give the event the influence and attention it deserves. Volunteers in Indianapolis and Houston will attend the wrap party and help share the message of the charity far and wide. Of course, corporate donations are also welcome: any accessories, merchandise, or apparel that we help those involved feel more cohesive, and offer incentive and thanks to the volunteers.

Any and all donations should be sent to these respective addresses:

PLUR Indianapolis

Ben Dulin

2696 E. State Rd 61

Vincennes IN 47591


PLUR Houston

Ninette Rodriguez

10406 Ten Point Ln

Missouri City TX 77459


For any questions or to start a PLUR: 100 in your own city, you can contact Ben or Ninette at [email protected] and [email protected].