For quite a long time, the islands of Saint Kitts and Nevis used to be in a terrible economic and political condition. However, investment enabled the country to cease to be weak and to become a prosperous and extremely promising state. The tourism sector used to be an important part of the island citizens’ income, but the country lost competition to other international resorts since the hotels state left much to be desired. Now, external investments helped to build many luxury apartments in the country that attract tourists’ attention. You can invest in these projects, which will allow you to get citizenship promptly. A favorable offer is accompanied by quite simple requirements.

A special program for attracting investors has been operating for more than 30 years providing favorable conditions. To get a guaranteed passport or find the best investment options, you should contact Imperial & Legal. Our extensive work experience makes it possible to promptly solve issues of any complexity to obtain benefits and the most comfortable living conditions.

Why should an investor choose this country?


The state has been characterized by a stable economic state for a long time, which hasn’t been influenced by a variety of crises. The country is almost a perfect place to live in, especially since the prospects are improving due to numerous options for investing in real estate. It should be noted that the government managed to eliminate corruption, the crime rate is minimal, and the tax system attracts no strict requirements. The financial sector development is steady; therefore, investment in the country definitely won’t be a waste of money.

The real estate market is constantly enhancing. Therefore, investing in promising projects is an excellent step towards a comfortable life. Experts predict a long-term development without a slightest crisis. Besides, one’s dream of never leaving a resort may also come true. You will only need to invest in real estate or give money for charity.

A passport of the country is highly recognized all over the world. One can visit more than 150 countries without obtaining a visa. A great chance for everyone who not only wants to get the best living conditions, but also dreams of visiting many countries on the planet. When in doubt, please contact our company that will be happy to help at any stage of paperwork or provide professional advice on the following issue: what can I invest in?

The key reasons to invest in real estate


The Caribbean Islands are open for investment and allow to invest money in any object. This provides an opportunity not only to generate profit. All you need is to invest a required amount once, and it will pay off to the full since the state grants citizenship to the investor. The procedure is simple and is performed rather enough: it takes 45-60 days to get an urgent passport, with a standard procedure taking 3-4 months.

You can invest in holiday apartments, residential real estate, villas, and resort villages. It is also not prohibited to invest in yacht marinas, commercial buildings, and many other objects. The only important thing is that the total investment amount should be no less than $200,000. The conditions are from being too severe and are acceptable to every successful entrepreneur. All details, recommendations, and requirements are available on our website. Also, everyone interested can contact our experienced professionals who can tell you all the important specifics. Our team includes competent employees only who have been working in the field for many years.

If you still in doubt, you should consider the following reasons why the real estate on Saint Kitts and Nevis islands is worth investing:

  • an opportunity to obtain citizenship in an economically stable and promising country, whose passport is recognized by 150 countries around the world;
  • competitive prices, if compared with other countries;
  • high primary and secondary demand;
  • a favorable taxation system – there are no deduction for a generated profit, capital gains; no taxes for any type of transfer by gift;
  • transportation by any means of transport: planes, helicopters, ships, and yachts;
  • the highest level of medical services;
  • ongoing development of the education system.

The islands are characterized by a perfectly developed infrastructure, which is ideally suitable for living. All conditions become available upon obtaining the country citizenship.

For this, you will need to invest reasonable amounts in real estate that will help in obtaining the passport and will provide you with a tidy passive income. The economy level in the country is growing, and there are no prerequisites for a probable growing rate decrease.

Specifics of purchasing real estate


According to the law, the country citizens and foreigners have the right to perform a variety of real estate transaction types in Saint Kitts and Nevis. There are no problems with getting the country passport by investing a certain amount of money. This is another motivation to spend your funds wisely. Under the special CBI program, to start the process of obtaining citizenship, you will need to invest no less than $200,000. You can find out all the specifics and peculiarities from the experienced specialists of our company, who can also help with preparing the documents and financial investment.

If you are ready to spend a larger amount, there is a chance to buy a house in the economically stable country. All the transactions can be performed by yourself or through a local real estate agent. In this case, you may also find our company’s services useful.

The specialists will be happy to recommend reliable agents who will be loyal to the client and take all his wishes into account.

It is easy to choose a property without visiting the islands in person. Now, you can find a significant selection of different objects at an affordable price on specialized websites. As soon as you find your dream house or other type of real estate, you should sign a purchase agreement that requires a mandatory legal attestation. Sellers initially require 10-15% prepayment only, until you obtain citizenship or at least a permit for foreigners to own land plots and property.


Only those foreign citizens who plan to purchase real estate in Saint Kitts and Nevis need to obtain the license. It costs 10% of the purchased object price. It takes about 2-3 months for the application to be considered and processed. However, to attract an increasing amount of investment, these requirements can sometimes be omitted. Usually most real estate agencies don’t charge a large fee, and the government may free you from the license fee, especially if you plan large-scale investment in real estate.

As far as taxes are concerned, they are insignificant. Apart from paying the license fee, a 2.5-5% remuneration of the lawyer and the agent accounts for the largest part of the investor’s expenses. If you need to inspect an object, its sales history, and other facts, you will have to spend about $1,000. The procedure takes from a few days to a couple of weeks.

A real estate tax should be mentioned separately. According to the law, it is charged of the market value. The rate also depends on the object location, area, size, and type.

Homeowners are charged the maximum tax of 0.2%. As for commercial objects, you will have to pay 0.3% for them. This is the largest fee amount. The government severely combats debtors. If one fails to pay at least one of the taxes, he is charged 12% of the debt amount.

Thus, Saint Kitts and Nevis islands have created almost perfect conditions for those wishing to obtain their citizenship. Everyone can make a single investment in real estate and keep investing to gain financial independence and live in the economically stable country.