In this economy, no one would say no to a profitable side-hustle. If the work requires no special skills, does not take much of your time, and requires no investment, then it’s a great passive way to earn money.

But many out there will fool people looking for side hustles, especially online. There are several stories of people losing money online while looking for side hustles. But no need to worry.

This article provides a compilation of tried and tested side-hustles that pay well. You will also get to know how to start and manage them. Here we go.

1. OnlyFans Account


An OnlyFans account is one of the most profitable side-hustle to supplement your monthly income. Although probably most well-known for its more adult themed content, this platform lets you make a large variety of content in a range of topics to share with your patrons. Most users share video messages, written posts, pictures, and recipes.

Anyone can start by making a free OnlyFans account. Select your niche and start getting your content on the OnlyFinder page. With free content and enjoyable posts, you will gain many viewers. If you are creative with dedication and determination, you could become one of the top only fans models. By that time, this could turn into a full time job for you.

You can also post paid content and set your charges. A user can make up to $100,000 a year depending on the quality and popularity of their content. The work is easy and requires no investment or special skills.

2. Part-Time Driving

Suppose you have a car that you do not use on the weekends. Start working as a part-time driver. The hourly wages are good, and the timings are flexible. The average hourly wage of a part-time driver is $15 to $20. Even if you work 4-5 hours a week, you can make over $1000 a month.

There are several ways to start working. You can join a driving agency (Uber, Lift) or start working independently through a local company. Many driving agencies provide great part-time opportunities to people who want to make some extra money.

If you start on your own, the best way to advertise your service is to do it online. But make sure you have the regulations and licences to do this within your area. Also, spend time in your local taxi stand and build customer trust. Start by offering minimum fares and then go up from there.

Once you have built your customer’s trust, you will start getting recognized and loyal customers. This work has great potential because people want trusted drivers who have clean cars.

Because the nature of this work is part-time, try to gain 3 to 4 loyal customers who will come for your services again and again.

3. Online Outfit Designer


You will be surprised to know how many people require this service. If you make a trusted online profile, you can even gain some celebrities as your customers.

The work is simple. Suppose you have a natural knack for putting together an outfit from different pieces. If you have a taste in choosing what kind of jewelry, purses, and other accessories go with the outfits, then this is your chance.

You can start showing your outfit designing skills by putting pictures and videos on your social media page. Get creative and add many statement pieces. You can select a particular niche like thrifted outfits, designer clothes, or party wear.

You will soon gain a good number of followers and sponsored brand deals. You can also give paid online consultations and work with other clothing brands to gain exposure and money.

You can also promote your work to gain more exposure and audience. All of this can happen by working 4 to 6 hours a week. The work is completed online and pays very well.

4. Start an Online Bakery

You can turn your hobby of cooking or baking into a profitable side hustle. You do not have to work around the clock. Only bake on the weekends or whenever the order comes. Ask your customers to give you a minimum two-day margin before ordering to give you the time to complete the order.

Start by making an online page. Introduce your work and create a compelling profile. Add plenty of pictures of the goods you have made to provide customers with several options. For example, offer customized cakes and pastries to entice more people into buying your bakery items.

Ask your friend or someone you know to take artistic pictures of bakery items to advertise them well on the online page. Put out seasonal discounts, and you will start getting steady customers.

Ask customers to pick up their food if you cannot provide home deliveries. An online cooking page is a great way to monetize something you do daily. You do not have to work much and still make a good profit.


All in All

The benefit of capitalism is that you can turn almost anything into a source of making money. You have a skill; monetize it online, use your car to work part-time, or give fashion advice online to gain profit.

These are just some of the examples among the vast number of opportunities for side-hustles you can find. Just make a solid plan, select your free hours and start working.

You can work every day for an hour or work 3 to four hours straight on the weekend. Whatever suits you.