Headphones seem to be developing faster than we can keep up with them, and it seems the future of headphones is here quicker than we anticipated. Glow headphones are a glow in the dark headphone that vibrates light to the rhythm sounds of your music and even your heartbeat. Within days the Kickstarter campaign has raised close to $300,000 in funds, and the product may be made available in the near future.

The headphones were created when a product manager for Google noticed that a high majority of headphones only catered to iOS, which left android users with flawed headphones when it came to volume and calling controls. The brand is pairing with Knowels for sound quality, already a known and trusted audio brand that has worked with Sennheiser in the past. The price is heard to be in the $150-$200 range, which isn’t excessive when you look at other high quality headphones around the market currently.

As music advances and moves towards new trends, headphones seem to be following quickly, and Glow Headphones hope to capture the market by storm.