Are you tired of declaring bankruptcy every time you buy tickets for a music festival? Well there is a new electronic festival in Chicago that may be just for you.

DayTrip Music Festival is happening over four consecutive Sundays from May 24th to June 14th and tickets are now $10 for each day!! Yup, rub your eyes and check again: $10! DayTrip Music Festival is hosted by Maek, a record label founded upon providing free electronic music in order to bridge the gap between fans and artists. The folks at Maek want to immerse you in their musical vision by providing more than 100 of the best underground Djs while also furnishing different settings for every type of music fan. There will be a skate park and basketball court for those who want to stay active while they listen, a main stage for those who desire the festival atmosphere, and a huge ball pit for those who want to relive awesome childhood memories.

DayTrip is an 18+ festival and will be hosted at the Red Moon Theater, located in Chicago\’s Chinatown. They plan to release their full line up of underground artists on April 1st. DayTrip Music Festival is setting itself apart from almost every festival in existence and the guys at Maek hope all will attend to experience their new spin on festivals. Check the links below for more info!