“Lioness” bursts with bubbly harmonies and squeaky-clean production, the result being an all-consuming single packed with instant infection. One of the many zesty traits of “Lioness” is it’s club friendly delivery while supplying a meaningful message – a feat easier said than done. From the peak-pleasant vocals to the rhythmic, vocal-sample-&-keys duality in the drop, DayFox’s sends forth a positive, moving mood with plenty of creative memorable moments within.

DayFox has taken a new form in 2019. The German-based solo DJ/producer boasts an all-his-own blend of emotion and melody incorporated and released through genres such as house and pop.  On top of this, massive EDM entities such as Spinnin and acts like Robin Shultz have recognized his for his work, continuously. The experienced act stays consistent, puts out quality tunes, and shows no sign of slowing.