Crichy Crich continues his work with the heaviest producers in the game, this time collaborating with Prismo on \”This Ain\’t What You Need.\” If you\’re familiar with their respective styles, you see the potential here with these guys working together, and it delivers even better than anticipated.

Prismo continues to tread on the wild side with no holds barred. Mirroring Crichy Crich\’s energy, the production builds quickly before becoming completely unhinged in a massive trap style drop. Incorporating a healthy contrast of both traditional hip hop influences, and unorthodox trap synths,  Prismo continues to impress as much as he surprises.

We\’ll be seeing a lot more of what Prismo has in store during his soon to be announced show in Chicago. In the meantime, check out the track \”This Ain\’t What You Need\” below; out now via Buygore.