Some people that start drumming think that they need the simplest kit ever to make it easier to learn. Others believe that they should buy the most expensive and innovative electronic drum. But actually, you need something medium.

An electronic drum kit for beginners should not differ a lot from the professional one. However, some features can really make learning faster. So let’s discover how to choose the best option.

Beginner Electronic Drum Kit Features

The construction of the electronic drum kits may vary a lot nowadays. New models appear all the time. So here are some recommendations on how to find the right option for you. If you want to learn more, visit the website​m.​

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Some famous manufacturers use rubber pads that are quite convenient compared to the old models that used plastic ones. However, the pads should also have a mesh layer. Such a design helps you to understand how much power you need to put into getting a specific sound. Or in other words, mesh heads allow you to get accustomed faster. Also, they’re quieter – it is a perfect variant if you have neighbors.


There are several types of cymbals – they’re a common part of the drum kit. They have the cymbal shape but work a little differently in the electronic mechanism. For example, the hi-hat type has at least two triggers. They recognize whether you play on edge or bow and create diverse sounds. You may choose this type or search for the one with fewer variations.

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Audio output

You will learn much faster if your e-kit has a way to play with the music you want. Usually, drum constructions have the AUX input. But I recommend you to search for the model with Bluetooth or MP3. There are many training apps that you can use with your electronic kit, so this feature will come in useful.


There can be standard sampling and the one that is suitable for the recording. As you’re a beginner, you don’t actually need the second variant. Usually, it has many options that you won’t use – it will make your training only more complicated. So, a standard top-tier module will be ideal for beginners.

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Training features

It is probably the most important part of the electronic drum kits if we talk about newcomers’ models. The built-in songs to play along will be a great feature. Sometimes, you don’t know what song you can try – this training option will help you with that. The drum kit should also have a metronome. In-module recording and playback allow you to understand what skills you have already gained and where you should practice more.


Triggers are essential when it comes to picking up the nuance. Therefore, unlike the original Simmons kit, the electronic drum sets that are available nowadays have multiple triggers. Triggers are built on the pads; each pad has its triggers. The original Simmons kit was known for having only a single trigger on each pad. Contrarily, things have been changed with electronic developments.

In modern-day equipment, the drum pads usually have two triggers, one on the rim and the other one is in the centre of the pad. But this is also a relatively simple built than the “Ronald PD140DS snare”. Some of the modern-day drums have a more complex system and have an array of sensors (digital).

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Modules are basically the computers and they are the point where the significant changes will take place. Originally the modules were not that advanced, but with the technological developments, they have grown a lot. Now the computer chips have been developed and have more power; this immense power also improves the working of modules. Therefore, even if the signals are quite complex, modules can quickly process them.

With the increased number of triggers in the pads, the need to have advanced modules also increased. Therefore, when these triggers send inputs to the modules, they capture them, process them and provide you a variety of sounds. Thus, the players can now trigger the real acoustic drum sounds too. All of the developments made in technology have made it easy for the drummers to learn drumming. In addition, you get better results with some little efforts. Moreover, you get multiple recorded kits in almost all of the electronic drum kits.


Electronic kits have become more versatile instruments because of the progress made in sampling techniques. If you have a top tier module, it will let you in flipping between the number of cymbals and acoustic drums. All of this happens because the top tier modules take excellent samples with all the necessary details. You can completely change the setup with just the press of a button.

In addition to this, some cutting edge models are too suitable for beginners. These models allow you to make the selection of the type of mics and room settings. Thus, you can easily record the sound with your desired conditions; you won’t have to make a whole setup. Furthermore, these most advanced drum kits allow you to import the sounds that you will need and not just arrangements. But it would be best if you were careful when you have learned the basics because high-end professional can easily detect the difference between the original and kit made setups.

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Additional features

I recommend you to choose the drum kit that will include everything you need for practice. It should have two pedals and sticks. The headphones will also be a nice feature, but it’s not difficult to buy them separately. If you want to get extra features, the dual-zone snare is what you need. That means this pad will have two triggers that are more sensitive to your movements.

Don’t forget that you need a drum throne. You better choose the one that allows you to regulate the height. It is an essential moment – you should feel comfortable on the chair to learn to play easy and with pleasure.

Start Drum Playing Today

There are so many brilliant electronic drum kits that will suit a beginner, so you don’t need to worry that it will be difficult to find one. Just follow the recommendations I gave you. And be open to the new things – drumming is waiting for you.