Chime is one of my personal favorites at the moment. The talented producer gives us a taste of melodic dubstep that truly resonates with his audience. I got the chance to see him live at Asteria Music Festival not too long ago and it was a treat. Harvey Thompson is his real name and the driving force behind Chime. His sound is influenced by The Prodigy and chiptunes of video game music. Every time there is a new Chime album, I download it and this one is no different.

His new EP “Featherweight” is out on Firepower Records and it’s some of the hardest-hitting tunes I’ve heard from him. Chime opens the EP with album titled “Featherweight” a delightful melody with an absolutely crushing drop following. “Damage” is a collaboration with Lost Vegas featuring seriously energetic and beautiful melodies. Next comes my favorite; “Smokescreen” dives into a melodic intro and the build up is nothing short of a cinematic masterpiece. The drop itself would obliterate anyone’s soul. Finally, to top it off Chime gives us “Missingno” which is heavily influenced by chiptune style synths and glitch effects. The album as a whole is the defining sound of the maestro featuring amazing melody arrangements and truly stellar mixing and sound design capabilities. To hear this masterpiece of an EP be sure to check out the link below!