Life is too short, ladies and gentlemen, to obsess over the negatives. With all of the hardcore music out there in the Electronic Music scene, it is hard not to tense up. Sometimes it is nice just to sit back, throw on some upbeat chill music and appreciate life for what it is, in all of if simple pleasures. The track is smooth, with liquid lyrics and soft bass that creates a easy track to vibe to. The drop is upbeat, but not overstated, and eases its way into the track. Future House does exactly that. It is a reminder that life is fine just the way it is. Lukewarm. Moderate. Pleasantly mundane. Wheathin’s remix of Midnight to Monaco’s track Suicide is a ray of sunshine on a crisp autumn day. It’s that feeling you get when you buy a PSL with your free Starbucks reward the day before you get paid. It’s a lingering hug with your hot cousin. It’s the little things.

Oh, who the hell is Wheathin you ask? We have the exclusive interview of this young Chicago-native here. Until next time, friends.