Chet Porter and Alison Wonderland have combined creative forces for their new single, “Bummed”. Filled with alternative vibes, this song comes from a genuine place of how to fight feelings of self-doubt. Both artists have been very open with their mental health struggles, which connect them to their fans on a very personal level. “Bummed” is a song that allows both artists to express their inner battles, which we can all relate to. It’s refreshing when artists open up about their emotions, as it welcomes others to understand and connect. The message this song gives is not only to recognize that feeling down is okay, but it’s something we can all fight together. It’s inspiring to see the recognition of these emotions and the continuation of choosing to not let them define you. “Bummed” is an inspiration for all who listen and really connect with the message it portrays.

Both Chet and Alison contribute to the single with their vocals, which pair extremely well together. Listeners can tell that “Bummed” is a creation that came from an idea in Chet’s mind, as his musical and creative style is all over it. I think it’s great when artists who are also friends come together to create a song, as it feels more personal in a sense. They each know how much the song means to each other, including the message they want to portray, so the final product comes off even more genuine. We hope this is one of many collabs to come!