As EDM Chicago continues to grow, we want to make sure we\’re not just sharing the latest music releases, but also highlighting the artists themselves, where they\’ve been, and where they\’re going.

Thus, \”Artist of the Month.\”

The focus will change from time to time, but this is my goal, or rather, our goal: We want you, our readers, to discover new music, learn something about artists you may not have previously known, look at these artists in a new light, or even keep your eyes peeled for what could perhaps be the next big thing.

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There\’s more to Brooklyn than the subways that shake the streets at the crack of dawn and the 9-5\’s that people rush to on the daily. There\’s music, like every other place, but Brooklyn is a little special. Brooklyn is the home of Chordashian.

Housing their sound in the world of indie-dance, the duo made up of Felix Feygin and Michael Banks, brought their addicting sound to life through pop and house influences, inevitably making them stand out from what your latest playlist probably consists of. Anywhere from their 2012 track \”Illusion\” to one of their most recents such as \”Questions\” featuring Frances Rose, the two have established a name for themselves. Literally. I mean, come on, their name is Chordashian.

It\’s Chromeo meets energetic-Kygo meets…Dillon Francis? In a way. They just make you want to dance. This is dance music we\’re talking about, of course.

Having played their first Electric Zoo gig in 2011, their debut year, the two made their way back this year, lighting things up on the Beatport Riverside Stage, and it\’s just a matter of time before they continue to move their way on up. Their latest remix to \”These Days Are Gone\” by Moonbootica sheds light on their musical roots and the progression they\’re making as they continue on their journey of funky tunes and happy vibes.

The duo has recently updated its fanbase about being in the studio, one of those sessions being in accompaniment with Atlanta\’s BOSCO (by the way, have you heard her track with Treasure Fingers? Because you should.). They have nonetheless confirmed that some original work will be making its way into the world at the beginning of 2015 and they plan on ending this year with a small tour. Let\’s hope Chicago makes it on the list.

Thankfully it\’s already October, and we don\’t have to wait too long, but because it is almost #TBT, let\’s take a look back at what I consider to be some of Chordashian\’s best work, which you can download for free here.

The song below is my all-time favorite of theirs, which according to Michael and Felix, will be re-released as a radio edit alongside some official remixes that are said to be out at the end of this year. There is a lot changing in the scene of dance music, and the big-room house bubble that kept the party alive is slowly going to die out. Listeners will move on and look for something new, something fresh, and Chordashian is one of those names that is bound to keep the party going. There\’s a groove you just can\’t shake, and when you get a few tracks in, you\’ll quickly realize that it\’s meant to stay.

Fun fact: One of the members of Chordashian has worked as a photographer for a studio in New York. Can you guess which member?