Arman Cekin offers a taste of his casual, chill style with “Money”. Available last Friday on Trap City, the track pairs incredible vocals from Rmarni with a melodic, smooth sound. Cekin is no stranger to producing high-quality songs, including high-end edits of Rae Sremmurd’s “This Could Be Us’’ and Drake’s “Hotline Bling” garnering him critical praise.

“It often takes me a long time to get a track done that I am happy with. Every once in a while, something clicks and it seems like everything just falls into place the way that it’s supposed to. This track was no exception; I ended up making the entire thing in two hours, which is ironic because my biggest song to date, ‘California Dreaming’ happened the same way. For this track, I wrote the piano part while improvising. Then I chose to transition that into something more rhythmic, so I used organic pluck sounds combined with 808s and vocal chops to get a rhythmical and melodic drop. It worked perfectly in this track, especially with the vocals of Rmarni.” – Arman Cekin

Check out the stunning, “Money” below.