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Many Glee stars spoke up against Lea Michele, saying that she was “unpleasant” and rude toward them, and media has reached out to other co-stars to see if everyone has the same opinion.

Amber Riley said on Instagram Live interview with Danielle Young, what she thinks of the accusations of Lea Michele being rude and disrespectful towards her colleagues.

“I don’t give a s**t about this Lea Michele thing,” she started, and added, “I don’t want to be asked about it.”

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The 34-year old actress and singer pointed out that there is a more important thing right now, saying, “People are out here dying. Being murdered by police. Trans women are being murdered at the hands of men.”

About Glee co-star, she only had a few words: “I wish Lea Michele well. I hope that she has an amazing pregnancy. I hope that she has grown.”

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Amber also clarified that she doesn’t want to be asked about topics that are irrelevant to her, as she said: “If it ain’t about defunding the police, prosecuting killer cops or Black Lives Matter-or, my EP that’s coming out…if it’s not about those things, I don’t care.”