Young and innovative Finnish producer and DJ, Alisky, is back with a new single after a successful 2017 summer. “Traces” with IOLITE impresses with a unique mix of charismatic electronic and urban music. Last summer, Alisky made his rounds releasing tracks on Caps Lock Crew, Buygore and Bass=Win. Since then, Alisky signed to Warner Music Finland and its Etenee Records.

While we hear a unique mix of music from Alisky, the track also features vocals from IOLITE. This song comes just in time to thrive in the second half of this festival season. Read about IOLITE’s thoughts on the song and listen below:

Call me a gold digger cause’ I found treasure inside you.” This is my favorite lyric of mine that I wrote for the song, it summarizes the song perfectly. The song was written towards someone or something that you find complete joy in. When nothing else matters, when other people and situations let you down, and you still feel completely secure because of the true treasure that you have found. It follows you, does not leave your side – and won’t let you down.” IOLITE