If you\’re a reader of this site, you\’ve most likely attended an EDM concert before. Being no stranger to these types of concerts, you\’d be lying if you say these thoughts have never crossed your mind while attending a show.

Sarcasm Discretion Advised

  1. Alright the set up looks pretty legit.
  2. Damn those lights look like they are going to be insane
  3. Low-key can\’t wait to wear my diffraction glasses.
  4. I wonder if they charge for water here?
  5. Because I am definitely going to need it later…
  6. Time to go to the bathroom to take out all this stuff I shoved in weird places.
  7. Why are the lines for the bathrooms always so long for these things?
  8. Probably all here to do the same thing..
  9. No, I don\’t wanna trade bracelets with you and do the PLUR thing while waiting for the bathroom.
  10. Well time to say bye to going to the bathroom for the next few hours.
  11. Shit, I forgot to fully charge my phone before I left.
  12. I wonder what kind of drugs they\’re on?
  13. Sir please put your shirt back on, the show hasn\’t even started.
  14. Oh shit it\’s starting, I have to push through the crowd and pretend my imaginary friend is in the front; particularly around the area in the middle, against the fence.
  15. Maybe if I look around worriedly they\’ll believe me.
  16. I wonder if I\’m deep enough to smoke?
  17. How is everyone so sweaty already?
  18. Well that girl sure spend a whole dollar on the amount of clothing she\’s wearing.
  19. Excuse me sir, trying to get to my imaginary friend in the front.
  20. Why won\’t this a-hole believe me?! How rude.
  21. It\’s called deodorant people.
  22. Awe I remember my first beer.
  23. Shit is that security?
  24. Oh wait we\’re good.
  25. Wait where did my friends go?
  26. Just push and don\’t look back.
  27. Why does every tall person have to stand in front of me?
  28. How much longer of this opening act?
  29. I have too pee.
  30. Screw it, there is no going back.
  31. I wonder what it looks like behind me?
  32. Man, she sure doesn\’t look good, I better move.
  33. Wait where did I put….Oh wait I found it.
  34. Maybe if I dance close enough to this person, they\’ll notice me and want to dance.
  35. Ugh, my phone died.
  36. Damn, I guess I\’ll have to actually watch and enjoy the concert.
  37. This song reminds me of my grandma..love that woman.
  38. I wonder what song they are going to close with?
  39. I swear if they make us all get low, I might just pop, lock and drop it into the DJ\’s face.
  40. I feel so connected with the world right now.
  41. ….Wait the shows over already?