Chicago\’s breakout artist Proppa is capping off an amazing year with a remix that will send him to play Reaction New Year\’s Eve 2015.  Fellow Chicago artists of Autograf recently hosted a remix competition inviting producers to remix their track \”Running\” with the grand prize being a set at the event.

Proppa\’s remix ultimately stood above the rest, embracing a unique combination of sounds while preserving the character of the original. The filtered, disco-influenced guitar combines with a bright piano in the breakdown, while the drop ushers in a groove that lifts the energy of the original to a new level. Stylistically, these Chicago artists are very complementary, and their seamless blending on this remix is a testament to that.


For his efforts, Proppa is scheduled to play Reaction NYE at 5:45PM on the opening day, December 30th. Be sure to catch him there at the Arcade Stage, and let the good vibes set the tone for what\’s sure to be an unforgettable two day event. While we\’re still a week away, however, be sure to grab his remix of \”Running\” now as a free download!