Hmm…Wonder what it could be?

Last month I came up with a list of, \”10 Times You Can Relate To Borgore.\” This month I chose to bring together another piece that not only displays the headlining artist\’s humor, but his obsession for a meat filled tortilla, with some lettuce and cheese.

So if you\’re a taco lover just as much as Asaf here is, you will definitely be able to join this man\’s emotional connection he has with this Hispanic food item.

…Uhhh is that even a question? 

The Plymouth colonists and Wampanoag Indians shared a feast almost 400 years ago so people like Borgore can be thankful for the important things, like tacos.

Mentally preparing yourself for the aftermath of tacos. 

When bae can\’t get off your mind. 

I wonder what choice won?

I think he slipped into, what I like to call, a tacoma. 

Tacos. The answer to all happiness. 

In case you couldn\’t figure it out, the answer is tacos.