I\’m not sure about you but, whenever I attend a concert the buddy system is always a must. When in doubt, pair it out.

Here are some reasons why:

1.You\’ll always have someone to guide you away from dancing with the wrong people.


\”Why were you dancing with that guy?!\”

\”No one told me he wasn\’t cute!\”

Cause who really has a chance to see who\’s behind them?

2. Making sure each other is properly hydrated.


\”Drink up. You\’ll need it later.\”

3. Dancing around people you know is so much more fun than complete strangers.


People may think your dance moves are weird, but your friends won\’t.

4. Having a back up phone just in case your phone dies.


Unless their phone is dead too, then you\’re screwed.

5. Someone who can bring you back to reality after a really good set.


\”Hello Earth to Gianna!\”

6. Just in case the partying hits you a little too hard, there is always someone there to calm you down.


Again, unless they are off the loony tunes too, then you\’re screwed.

7. Having someone put you on their shoulders when your favorite song goes on.


\”Hurry get down. This is my favorite part!\”

Although, it\’s only fair if you return the favor.

8. Making sure that there are no major wardrobe malfunctions.


\”How about we try not to lose our clothes this time…\”

9. Someone to hold the spot in the crowd while you go to the bathroom.


Best of luck in finding them again.

10. For when you\’re too smushed to grab something from your bag or pocket, an extra arm is always helpful.


You never really know where to put your hands if they\’re not in the air.

11. When it\’s all over, you\’ll have someone to talk endlessly with about how great it was.