“Together” is the newest from the young Staten-Island born producer

20-year-old producer and musical innovator ZAXX stuns on his newest single, “Together,” out on Proximity. The 3 minute and 55 second electronic ballad is as moving as it comes, captivating listeners from the beginning and holding tightly until the very last note.

“Together” hits all the right highs, whether it be through rhythmic xylophone or powerful synths. Even with no lyrics (albeit, one word), the budding producer manages to tell a beautiful story of coming together and being there for one another. His music speaks volumes while only uttering one word, and that one word is something everyone can use in a trying time. “Together” is truly an innovative masterpiece from the producer, and marks an impressive milestone in his musical reinvention.

Listen to “Together” below, and make sure to keep your eye on ZAXX throughout the rest of 2018.