zac efron

If you ever sat in front of pile of books or study guides and wondered if becoming a DJ could make all these little troubles go away, then We Are Your Friends  is the movie for you. Zac Efron\’s new movie describes the life of a struggling DJ who tries to make it big with great beats and little bit of talent. I think we\’ve all wondered what it would be like to throw away all of life\’s stupid responsibilities to pursue something truly as fun as DJing, and this movie describes that journey.

The trailer for We Are Your Friends was released today and it is hard not to get excited after watching it. The trailer is so inspiring, it almost seems like one of those Ted Talks and goosebumps will be bumping.We Are Your Friends is open in theaters on August 28th starring Zac Efron, Emily Ratajkowski and Wes Bentley. If this movie gets big, we might just see a huge influx of new electronic DJs trying to get a piece of that big EDM pie and I might want to get a taste too. Enjoy.