It seems there’s been a growing artistic trend for orchestral adaptations of electronic dance music lately. We\’ve witnessed producers incorporate live orchestras into their sets at the world\’s biggest festivals and, more recently, Helsinki’s Philharmonic Orchestra hosted \”Classical Trancelations in Concert.\”

The event marks the further bridging of the gap between classical and electronic music with live symphonic covers of legendary dance tracks. One of the more notable recent tracks to be included was Eric Prydz’s “Opus,” taken from his debut artist album of the same name. Just as beautifully constructed as it\’s original electronic composition, “Opus” in orchestral form takes you on a gradual and melodic journey into Prydz\’s otherworldly sonic realms, bringing out the beauty of the composition through a delicate buildup and momentous crescendo.

We suggest putting this on as study or meditation music, it\’ll really get the brainwaves going! Watch the full 7-minute cover below:


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