Where there is ying, there is yang. Where there is Dillon Francis, there will be cute cuddly unicorns. Where there are hi hats and 808s, there will be trap music, and where there is Krewella, there will forever will be deadmau5, hounding them every step of their career. This time however, it seems as though Krewella\’s former manager decided to pull some shots, albeit not in the realm of social media, but in their actual live set itself, as has been proven by this damning Twitter video.

Think this looks like a copy paste version of the deadmau5 cube? Well don\’t fret, because you\’re not the only one, and mau5 smacked his elemental prey down into oblivion harder than when Goose headbutted his own cockpit shield.

Sure, Krewella\’s manager stepped and decided to soak in all the responsibility, but if you\’re familiar with the EDM world, taking the higher road still doesn\’t save your soul, as deadmau5 continued to go in, playing his ultimate trap card and sending Eric to the Shadow Realm.

This didn\’t set well with some in the EDM world, who decided to defend already down and out for the count Erik Fink.

Which then let deadmau5 do what he does best

But at the end of the day, when the sun has set, this was a really tame deadmau5 that actually ended in the most anti climatic way possible.

So to summarize this entire episode of Total Drama Mau5 in one last tweet…

Via: YourEDM