Walt Disney has been a part of one’s childhood, and because it has given so much to the childhood journey to remember and count upon, it’s time to brace the heart and be ready for another surprise.

Not many would know that Walt Disney has completed 50 years. Walt Disney World’s golden jubilee calls for the most’ magical celebration’ happening in all the themed parks worldwide. The enhancing celebrations kicked off in October 2023, and you have the chance to witness them till spring 2023. So you should hold your heart to catch a glimpse of the exciting things it offers.

But, if you won’t be able to make it to Disney’s air of celebration, don’t worry, as this article has got your back. Here is an attempt to spin all that’s going to happen in the Disney World through the magic of words so that your inner child can feel and relive it.

Here are ten things about this magnificent Celebration that you should know! 

1. 50 Themed Foods


Every Celebration is incomplete without food. What’s better than the opportunity to taste all those foods that have been on the screens during childhood. Disney is dedicated to making its 50 years celebration a grand success and if you are visiting, prepare your gut to taste 50 kinds of themed foods with over 150 menus.

Now, that sounds lip-smacking! 

2. The Magic Kingdom 

The celebrations revolve around a magical concept from which this kingdom extracts its name. You should not miss Mickey and Minnie Mouse, their pretty outfits, and their group of friends celebrating the celebration cavalcade that includes the anthem for the Celebration. The anthem also consists of the magical concept and gets its name as ‘The Magic is Calling.’

No wonder you can catch your feet tapping on the floor, imagining the beats of this anthem! 

3. Swan Reserve 

It is something new and out of the box. The swan reserve at the Walt Disney World is a major attraction at the Celebration that finds its place surrounding the EPCOT and Hollywood Studios. The rooms emit different features, and you can get your bookings done based on what you’d like to witness.

Get set ready for a childhood merry go round!

4. New Shows


Disney’s half-century, and there’s nothing new for the kids of the 21st century. It is quite an impossible fact. Disney Springs is all set to serve you with Julie’s story. The name of the show is ‘Drawn To Life.’ As deep as it may sound, it is a family show with a wholesome vibe. Interestingly this is a brainchild of Cirque du Soleil and happens to be its 50th production.

Hurry and get yourself an advanced booking! 

5. Paradise In Water 

The night under the star gaze promises another adventure at the golden jubilee celebrations. The Bay Lake has resorts around it that combine with the ones near the Seven Seas Lagoon. They undergo treatment as the Water Pageant, which acts like a water paradise. The sight full of lights and stars is beautiful.

The show timings are different, so reach out to the booking professionals to hold the spot for breathtaking views. 

6. Resort And Spas 

You can visit if you are considering a stay at the Disney Vacation Club. You can explore various restaurants and merchandise shops to stuff your home with. The prominent one, Grand Floridian, has over 200 rooms and you can choose the most exciting one.

The Murphy beds are all set to help you with a magical sleep like never before! 

7. Starcruiser By Star Wars


If you visited the celebrations in 2023, you have all the reasons to book your tickets again. The galactic starcruiser made its way to the celebrations in March 2023. So if you have talked about Star Wars as a die-hard fan, this is your chance to book a two-night stay with a costume policy.

Get working on it, as the bookings have been open since October 2023. 

8. The Twilight Connect

Disney World is to kids what Twilight is to youngsters. If you are planning your trip to the Hollywood Studios, you won’t be able to contain your excitement to have a glance at the Hollywood Tower Hotel. For those of you who have a blurry memory and are unable to connect, try remembering the Twilight series. This hotel is home to the Tower of Terror, which belongs to the Twilight Zone. Owing to the golden jubilee, the concept relates to the golden age to which the amazing Hollywood belongs.

Keep your imagination high as the Tower Hotel, and the Beacon of Magic are close to each other. You can enjoy the attractions and massive decorations or imagine something better than the best, for the least! 

9. The Animal Kingdom Relation 

Anyone who has an idea about this massive and captivating kingdom knows the Tree of Life concept. Whether there are carved animals that fascinate the inner artist in you or the widening trees and branching that add to the forest effect, there is a lot to explore. The nighttime is when this tree lives with fireflies and other creatures to depict nature and its role in the life of all living and non-living things.

You’ll be happy to see and recreate the structure of 300 animals that’s fun for you and your kids. 

10. Cools And Creation Shopping Stops, EPCOT


Moving on, Disney World knows that 20th-century kids are all grown up, and it needs to do something to cater to their interests, as well. So if you want all the merchandise like Minnie’s ears, pins for trading, t-shirts, and other pieces of clothing, amongst other options, the Celebration has covered it in an applaudable way. Also, Club Cool is another spot where you can try an array of yummy drinks.

You can quench your thirst in the tastiest way, and luckily, get your hands on some must-try yet discontinued drinks of all times!


So, that’s all that there’s in the store as the 50th Celebration of the Disney World insights. So, try and be a part of the celebrations. But, if not, you can always come back here to catch up about all that’s going on.

Hoping that the article helped you keep your childhood spirits high!