Claude VonStroke (left) and Justin Martin (right) are having just as much fun as the crowd.

Dirtybird Records, a record label known for its bass-heavy, booty-shakin\’ beats, began as a group of friends cooking burgers and bumping tunes in San Francisco\’s Golden Gate Park back in 2003. It just so happens that three of the friends who were partying in the park were Claude VonStroke, Justin Martin, and Christian Martin. With their dedication to the music and the label, Dirtybird Records has evolved into an established entity in the scene today, but Claude and Justin aren\’t the kind to forget their roots.

Dirtybird has held the BBQ every year since its inception, and with the success of the label, it has grown into a touring phenomenon, hitting five cities across the U.S. this past summer. Beatport caught up with the Dirtybird crew at their first stop in Brooklyn. Watch their video here:

I was lucky enough to witness the final stop on the BBQ tour at Hard Day of the Dead in LA, and I can tell you first hand that everything they are saying is 100 percent true. It was an absolute party with the best vibes you can ask for. Oh, and the burgers were delicious.