Viceroy\’s tropical spin on Jagged Edge\’s \”Where\’s the Party at?\” will teleport you to a breathtaking beach where the only problem is the excessive brightness of the sun. The producer from San Francisco is known for his feel-good, tropical vibrations that makes every track a perfect summer jam and his new remix is no different. \”Where\’s the Party at?\” joins a plethora of classics in Viceroy\’s Jet Life remix series which simply consists of quality remixes  of various popular songs. Viceroy\’s remixing skills have come along so far that every remix will make you forget that you ever heard the original.

The remix features a tropical beat of deep synths that will get almost anyone moving to the rhythm. The electronic addition flows perfectly with the cool rhymes of Jagged Edge that will refresh you after breaking a sweat from dancing too much. Check out the new jam here.