Ummet Ozcan absolutely blew up in 2014, with tracks like \”Smash,\” \”Superwave,\” and \”Raise Your Hands.\” Compile those with remixes of popular songs such as Calvin Harris’s “Summer,” and Tiesto’s “Wasted,” it was a big year for Ozcan, whose sound is somewhat rooted in the Netherlands, where EDM talent seems to be prospering.

With all the superlatives aside, his new preview for his track “Kensei” sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Indeed, it sounds exactly like Tiesto’s hit song “Maximal Crazy,” and it’s not hard to notice as the release on Spinnin Records only a day ago has EDM fans saying “Why?”

Ozcan has built a strong and very distinct sound, with electro house roots and a bouncy feel to his tracks. His festival bangers are distinguishable from all others and have earned him success thus far. His new track seems to stray away from the norm and his fanbase seems unhappy. With countless comments on the minute long preview stating “Maximal Crazy?” or “Generic Rip-off,” Ozcan seems to have missed the mark on this track.

With Ozcan having over 100,000 followers via soundcloud and countless hits in 2014, it’s easy to forgive and forget “Kensei.” Ummet’s tracks bring us “maximal crazy,” and we expect all tracks in the future to do so.